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Welcome to our new ART THERAPIST!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

New Team Member - Art Therapy

Art Therapist
Diana Vozian

We are happy to announce the wonderful addition to our team, Diana Vozian, art therapist!

Diana joins us to offer you individual and group art therapy services. She offers personally tailored and group art therapy sessions for individuals seeking support while coping with anxiety, depression, stress, loss, trauma, and other mental health and well-being issues. She is a professional art therapist trained to use the therapeutic qualities of art making to improve the quality of life and well-being of her clients. She has a Master’s in Art Therapy and is certified by the Association des Arts-Therapeutes du Quebec.

She speaks English, French, Romanian and Russian.

Her experience has been built by working in collaboration with her clients: from children to older adults, including people with developmental disabilities. If you choose to work with her, her approach is centered in the promise to gently guide and support you through your journey to wellbeing. She helps you lean on your strengths and create new coping skills. Her main goal is to show her clients how their experiences can be safely expressed, understood, and transformes through their creativity.

In her own words, “Let’s allow your artwork to speak for you and with you! I believe anyone can be the artist of their journey of well-being”.

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