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Initial Request

Welcome to Mindsession !
We're a clinic that offers a range of mental health services provided by a team of culturally competent clinicians from different approaches.  Please take a few minutes to fill out the form below to help us better understand your needs and preferences.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that Mindsession will carefully evaluate your information and recommend the services and clinicians that are best suited for you.

Additionally, please agree to being contacted by phone or email, and ensure that you make every effort to respond to any inquiries or contacts from Mindsession.

Once you've completed the form, simply click "Submit". 

What are you interested in? Check all that apply.
Are you looking for short term or long term therapy ?
How are you comfortable having therapy ? We have limited in-person availability.
What languages can you do therapy in ? Select all that apply.
Are you currently experiencing any of the following? Select all that apply.
Have you ever experienced any of the following ?
Do you have medical insurance ?
If you plan to use your insurance, please specify which type(s) of service(s) are covered by your insurance coverage. Check all that apply. (This information is in your insurance contract).
Are you coming through a specific program like IVAC, CNESST, SAAQ, First Nations, or other ?
We have currently stopped accepting IVAC/CNESST cases due to delays and administrative challenges encountered with their organisation. What would you like to do ?
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